Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a dirty pink

wanna be a fool to someone to caress

words will be like a playground

no fights

i ll be your little foolish girl

always a disaster

i cannot cook

i hate to iron

i m not intelligent

i laugh because i have to

i dont get things right

and i mess all things up

like a dirty pink

i love to do a man s work

i m good at every man s dealing with the housework

but i really hate the ironing

and i m the worst at cooking

i m also oversensitive at times

when you are a liar

hard as it will be the truth

smoother is for me than a lie

i want you to be free

free as a bird

follow your dreams

have one night stands

i don t really care..


please let me be the fool to your caress

your only one..

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