Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seashells to beautify..

Naked walking on that seashore we first met

no i m a liar..

we first met at that lighthouse

liar again it was the third time i ve ever saw your face

you told me we ve met before

you even told me what i was wearing

i never really remembered

when that time was

i remember my heartbeat

when i was on the taxi reaching the spot of our meeting

i did n t even remember how you looked like

and then i saw you

on the opposite side of the road


as i was too

and shinning..

it felt like a slow motion that pass of that road

then the first kiss

shy and gentle..

you held my hand..

we walked..

i was always looking down shy..

counting my steps..

i miss that girl..

i now built castles in the sand

every night

that was the truth of a moment we lived

our castle demolished

long before we knew..

i sometimes try to find

seashells to make them beautiful

just for my mind

as we always did in our minds..

it might be a disease..

such as eternity

i wish i was in that old state again

that shy romantic girl

falling in love easily

just with right order of words..

the right feeling of eyes on me..

i ca nt remember at all..

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