Friday, October 08, 2010


It s 4 past 5

we make love on your rusty motorbike

we are in Rome

i drop my eye on that old stone stairs

under the bridge

the kiosk full of newspapers of tomorrow s news

and those all abandoned bars

a car on the way

is carrying strawberries and berries

it is so much noisy to me..

a girl passed with a pink bicycle

wearing a yellow dress

she is so beautiful..

i cant drop my eyes of her..

We then visited caffe Ternal

detailing the architecture of the city

and it s sculpts

people combine in those sculpts

giving hands

or whispers each others ear

almost every sculpt is a story

a fairytale you can invent

"senso unico"

of course and i love it

what i know sometimes defines me as a sad one

but only me and maybe one more person

can see me dancing in that room i call a house

i m not depressed

i m on a zero state of full creation

and i enjoy that luna park car crushing..

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