Thursday, October 28, 2010

if we could film our dreams..

Same spot

orange sofa

17 squares..

breathing each wall

i do the same thing with houses as i act with people sometimes

there is no fitting inside

but i still love them..

that might be the Venus in Aquarius

someone to blame again

not to take the responsibility

blame the stars..

i saw that black skin little child in my dream yesterday

he was so wrecked

lying upside down with a chair on him


i caressed him

and then

that beauty i cannot describe

that smile

those cheeks..

if we could film our dreams..

that would make me a famous director for sure..

so many many dreams..

most of the times i m confused

i ask my self in the morning what was real,

what was in a dream..

the sad thing

is that i enjoy dreaming

more than living..

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