Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sandra part zero

I was thinking of you

never dropped a call

i was thinking of that labyrinth of words

we would exchange

with no meaning

anger and confusion most of them

maybe a drop of what we call cry

all alone after

so much energy

in all those we wanna throw up on them

no reason

the problem is that we feel no reason

at all


You are like me waiting for that lost

gang member

to cruel each other thoughts in a gentle way

caressing each other s hand

you thought once more to leave

but i gave you a point

"have lunch tomorrow ?"

great point for me too

you feel old like me

so young to have that kind of feeling..

you made your self experience that car crash again

and again

you thought you were stable

i wont say " i told you "

you had to..

new one tomorrow

bright shine like those just brushed teeth of a child

maybe a little bit irregularly fitted

you remembered of that day

i was crying flipping those photos of me as a child

No Sandra we can t go back again..

we have to deal with it

we ll find the way..

and painful is the way because that s what we are used to

it s not the only way..

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