Friday, October 08, 2010

I should dedeicate a poem to her..

I met Anna years ago

in a job connected place

we talked for a few

at times we met

we had something like

how did we call it?

a "parallel life"

She met a John

and i met a John

I broke up with John

she broke up with John

She met the love of her life

I met the Love of my life

Then once we had the same dream

so strange

very strange

its was a dream of dead animals

we shared it with opened mouths

that was as i think now the begging..

from then

we were almost one

we shared everything

every minute

every drop of cry

every shine of smile

we at the begging shared a bottle

then she preferred beer

we only shared a beer on vacations at lunch

next to the sea

laughing all the time..fighting the flies

sharing all those funky moments

on that small island

we had really a fun girl

and surprises

for you and even for me and you know it well

it s that sense of freedom we gave to each other

and those Sundays at that kind of cave in Koukaki

we were always waiting for them



even singing hahaha

sometimes on stage

and after separating

we kept that freedom within alone

it maybe was for that

not maybe

it was for that

we are here now ourselves again


but with that old feeling of flying

each one on her own

lets just kiss those memories again for once

and go on..

no hard feelings..

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