Sunday, February 13, 2011

Flamen Dialis - Autre Chose

I was walking alone
half past a ceremony

i was the brighter
of the suns

swinging alone

the moon came close on me
with her transparent wisdom

"naked as we are born
naked we fall"

she said

i already know

then she touches my hair
and i fell like silver blue

and shining

through my rough conscious pen
though the lines i draw under my eyes

through and through
is all through i am..


Anonymous said...

You were born to die, but if you do that with the energy you will become eternal. Flamen Dialis music helps you to marry this pure light and free yourself: this is autre chose.
your words that transcend musical expression and I luv

Anonymous said...

New Flamen Dialis on youtube :

AvaniFish said...