Friday, December 03, 2010

the black and white rabbit..

i was a French woman walking on the street


for my grandma today

she brought me some food she cooked

as she always do

but i had that dream of those two bunnies

a white and a black one

the black one died young

the white one became a man

disturbing for me

but i was always a generous one

even in my dream..

never care none of the bunnies..

i met that big man

too tall

i was on the bus

my i pod was reproducing the Tool band

i had only at that time just noticed his hand grabbing a column on the bus

i was studying it..

and it might have been an energy matter

he started a dialogue to me

for the love for the objects

i thought he meant my i pod

i didnt stuck there..

and then he started analyzing his thoughts..

i agreed in some of those..

but i had to catch the next stop..

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