Tuesday, September 21, 2010

it s a party..

It s a party..

all dressed in black and white..

i was not really in the mood for that party

but i did joined it..

i was visiting the bar

time and again

always feeling anxious when there is only one drop in my glass..

i interacted with people there

it s my best part

i love people in parties..

all drunk telling their stories

about life..

women try to find an escape

a near to them feeling

someone who understands

someone like them

someone with a similar story..

men try to be kind

and gentle

always lie about them

some of them

those who cannot lie

they don t speak too much..

the hostess a really mad old lady..

she is about 64 years old..

she never drinks a drop of alcohol

only milk in her favorite cup..

at the end of the party

she offered me that cup to drink..

no glasses left

and i emptied the last drops left of wine in it..

she looked at me so deeply..

and she offered me her bright smile..

and it felt shining into me..

"Take care of your self and never forget to lock that door when it must be locked" she said..

"And don t hide the keys, you hid them and you always know where they are..it s like a farce to your own self.."

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