Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Nothing personal..

Share my best
with you again

Walk on my back and jump in me

Rape my dreams and fight again

See my spring and fly for free

Shave my brain to find out a lie

I was waiting in the words you say
sinking my head into their shadows..


nakupenda said...

I am a mess too.
Do you believe in mess?

Karkabos said...

To kanes k bulletin sto myspace (den ginotan na mhn to prosekso, eksalloy eisai bulletin freak opos exeis dhlosei k h idia). Eixa thn aporia an htan ontos diko soy. Μoy lythike.

"Περίμενα στις λέξεις που λες/ βυθίζοντας το κεφάλι μου μες στις σκιές τους."

ayto ekane arketh ora antilalo...